selfie_indorcement2Welcome to Seattle SEO Pros, your Local SEO Experts.  My name is Patrick J Momany. When I say local, I mean it, I currently live in Mount Vernon, and my eldest son attended O’Dea High School and Portland State University. Our roots go back to the turn of the 19th century. My name is Patrick Momany, and I have been working professionally with SEO since 1999, mostly for my own high tech sites and some for clients. It started innocently then with trying rank one of my own business sites. I ended up dominating the niche (Laser Cutting Equipment) and people started asking me to help them. Long story short, I ended up doing more and more SEO through time.

My background is in Sales, Marketing, and Business Development. Much of my professional work in the corporate sector was developing “High Tech Cutting Systems” for the sign industry and then aerospace. I have been awarded 2 U.S. Patents for my efforts. I am self taught and a self made man. I have worked in Sales, Sales Management, Internet Department Development. I started a Non-Profit to feed our wounded troops overseas and made 10 trips to Landstuhl, Germany to do so.

Our goal is simple: We want your business to grow!

As I said above we are local, and we do Sustainable Digital Marketing which includes SEO,  we also work for larger regional, and national companies, international partners, as well as small businesses in other cities besides Seattle.

Great Internet Marketing Skills

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