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Growth Hacking

Knowing The Importance of  Growth Hacking vs Digital Marketing

When it comes to digital marketing, there is just so much that you can do. Each brand takes up a different approach to achieve its goal of creating a presence for itself in the digital world. How many times have we heard of terms like ‘online marketing’, ‘digital marketing’, and ‘growth hacking’ in reference to this context? It has been done so often that we often end up mixing all these terminologies. Each one these terms feels to be the same as the other. These fields already don’t have many profound differences to elaborate on and the excessive use of these terms is further eradicating these differences in people’s minds.

Online Marketing VS Growth Hacker

When you come to think of it, online marketing is not the same as growth hacking. They differ a lot in their approach and even the way they work. Given below are few of the contrasts that will help you understand the differences between these two fields.

  • The first intricate difference between the two is that, while online marketing only focuses on marketing your business or product in order to get potential customers to visit your website/landing page, a growth hacker tends to emphasize on keeping them interested and make them stick around.
  • With online marketing it is not aware of the details of your website. It tends to focus on one or two key points to try and reel in customers for you, however due to the nature of growing without a budget, they are aware of all the minute key feature of your website. They try and market all these features in a way that it keeps the visitor interested in further exploring your website. Who knows the longer they stick around the more inclined they would be in proceeding their business with you.
  • Online marketing is only limited to marketing your website. You provide them main highlights of your website and they try and picture them in a way to attract customers. On the other hand, growth hackers are not only limited to the marketing world. They can fit in at any aspect of the development of your website. They are all over the place and can help you plan and develop a website in a way that it will attract customers. This way your website becomes more marketable and attracts more customers because the growth hackers make sure your website has all the important hip features that are hot in the market.

Whether it is online marketing or growing on a shoestring the primary job is the same, to attract more customers to your website. It is just the way that each carries out their job that they differ. When we know what each type of job does and we know what it is that our website needs to attract more customers only, then can we properly decide which sort of marketing we want to go with. If online marketing is not working for you, then give GH a try and see if it improves your business.

How To Change Permalinks In Search Of Heroes

Even though this video is older there is still value in it.

I’m In this specific video, going to show you how to change your Permalinks structure.

Now if you have no idea what I’m talking about, don’t worry.  I will show you how it works and give you an example of that and then I’m going to show you how to do it.

Permalinks basically makes your site URLs more search engine friendly.

So right now : let’s say for example I created a post and if you click on this post you’ll notice at the very top that it says ->

Now guess what?  If Google came to the site and they saw ?p=6 , they are going to think “Ok, What in the world is this site all about?”

Now it can obviously look at your post however if you have links that have the keyword title inside the link, then that that’s makes it even more search engine friendly.

So your goal is to make it look like this “funnytshirts2/green–medium-size-funny-tees”

So how do we make it look like this?

Well Simple.  By using Permalinks.

So if you go back to your Dashboard, and under Settings, Click on Permalinks you can do that.

Now the good thing about the latest version 3.4 is that this is our goal here.  This is what we want.

We want “Postname”.  You simply need to check this and click on Save Changes.

Now depending on you know your web hosting, if you have just set up your WordPress blog, then you may notice a message that says : You should update your .htaccess now.

What that means is that it hasn’t actually updated the .htaccess file and down here it says “if your .htaccess file were writable we can do this automatically” but it is not.  So we have to do one more step to make this work.

So how we do that? Simple.  What you need to do is first, Go to Filezilla, your FTP program, and log into it.

Then go to the folder where your WordPress files are located and up at the very top then Click on “Server” and make sure that this is checked “Force showing hidden files” so that the .htaccess file that is a hidden file shows up.

If this is not checked, then you will not see it.

Now you should be in the main folder, and if you see the .htaccess file, I want you hold on for just a minute because for those of you that don’t have a .htaccess file, I’m going to show you how to create it.

So all we need to do is simply go to File Manager (on your computer), Right-click, Click new text document, and simply drag this text document over to the files of location.

Then right-click on the file, click on rename, and rename this as “.htaccess”.

Ok, so now that you have a .htaccess file, and if you have one it’s time to go to the next step.

The next step that you need to take is to right-click on it click on file permissions, replace 644 with 777 (or 755) and click on OK.

Now go back your WordPress dashboard, Make sure PostName is checked, Click on Save changes and as you can see successfully your Permalinks structure has been updated.

Now before you move on, you need to go back to Filezilla, Right-click the .htaccess file click on file permissions and replace the 777 with 644 .

This way you can cover your tracks and secure your site so don’t forget to do that.

Now the Permalinks structure has been updated, let me show you it in action.

If I go back to the live site and I refresh the page and click here; if this is successful look at the top here.

  • /funnytshirts2/green-medium-size-funny-tees

So as you can see here, the title has been updated to appear in the link, so now it is a search engine friendly link.

Great!  So from here on out, all the posts, and the pages that you create will all be search engine friendly.

Why MVPro chose Digital Marketing

The What – Finding Your Buyers

When it comes to maximizing your online presence it is essential to hire an experienced firm that creates a Digital Marketing Blueprint first.    Insuring you get the fastest and highest Return On Investment from    Digital Marketing. It is essential that you understand all options so you can consistently tweak your program to receive the most traffic for your     investment.

 The – How We Do It

We begin by building out a Digital     Marketing Blueprint, like the snippet above, that shows exactly what the costs are and the length of time it takes to achieve the ROI desired.

We then utilize our Market Domination Web-Ring system, to implement the Blueprint.

Why – Choose Us

The driving force behind the vision at MVPro is that we care. We care about you. We care about your     business. We care about your       well-being. We want you to be     prosperous and to have abundance in your lives. We want you to fulfill your dreams and  beyond.

My name is Patrick J Momany, Founder and Owner of MVPro. I have been working professionally in Digital Marketing since 2002, mostly for my own websites and some for clients. I ended up     dominating my niche (Laser Cutting Equipment) and clients started
asking me to help them. So I did…and very well I might add.
I have been awarded 2 U.S.
Patents for my efforts.

“I’ve known Patrick Momany since 2005 and you won’t meet a more dedicated man to any client than Pat. He is very good at what he does and stands behind his work. Pat is a man of true conviction and deals from the heart. I highly      recommend Pat to become your Digital Marketing Consultant.” – Tom Taylor, Business
Development at Costco



MVPro – a digital marketing agency experiences a period of growth

Marketing Veracity Professionals

– a digital marketing agency experiences a period of growth

A leading digital agency has announced the appointment of a new senior partner.

Dave McCormack has joined as the Head of Marketing, bringing with him a wealth of experience working both agency and client side across a range of niches.

Overseeing the busy technical marketing department and working closely with MVPro’s owner, Dave will be focusing on developing the agencies marketing strategies as well as supporting relationships with brands across the UK and beyond.

Dave said: “I’m thrilled to be included in MVPro at such an exciting time for the agency. I cannot wait to help develop the next phase of the agency’s marketing plan and keep driving the brand forward and upward.”

Dave has an extensive background in PPC search marketing having become a Google partner and bringing success to MVPro’s clients

Dave said: “I am delighted to be welcomed into MVPro as a Senior partner. MVPro has a very strong reputation within the industry, a great working culture and professional development opportunities. It’s a pleasure to be a part of this great and growing team”

Owner Patrick Momany added: “It’s been a great start to the year for MVPro. We’ve worked through a period of re-structuring to ensure that we have the individuals we need in key positions to meet our clients evolving needs and our new team-members, coupled with some significant new clients puts us in a great position to push on through the rest of the year and continue to prove ourselves as one of the best agencies in the region.”

MVPro is an independent, full-service digital marketing agency offering a Digital Blueprint that preludes any digital marketing, design, development and online marketing ROI they develop.

Marketing Pitfalls to Avoid

This is from Seattle SEO Pros.

Today I want to go through the 5 deadly sins in network marketing.

Seattle Digital MarketingNumber 1: stealing somebody else’s distributor. A prospect comes to your meeting. They were sent by somebody else and you go, “Well, you could work with me if you wanted to,” and you kind of slyly end up with that distributor in your organization. Or you take somebody who’s happy where they are somewhere else in the organization, you say, “Well, why don’t you sign up your wife or your brother, your child or whatever and just come build with me?” Stealing somebody else’s person, it’s something that will absolutely crush your credibility. It’s hurt me. I’ve fallen susceptible to it a few times in my career and I wish I hadn’t done it. Every single time, everybody loses, every single time. You can rationalize anything. Somebody comes to the meeting and that person, they hate that person that sent them to the meeting. Well, you feel like you’re in a tough spot, but really, that’s not your prospect. So don’t do it. It’s not worth it.

Next is Deadly Sin #2. This one’s a big one. Sleeping around in your company. Whether your single, whether you’re married, going and finding some attractive person at the convention, finding some person in your organization and deciding that, “You know, hey, that would be fun. That would be interesting.” It will crush and organization. It will crush an organization. Whether you’re single or you’re married, if you sleep around inside of the organization, it’s an absolute deadly sin.

Number 3: the public drunk or the addict. The person who is engaging in inappropriate behavior publicly. What you do publicly, that’s up to you. It’s still going to be an issue, of course, but if you get drunk at the company convention, if you are an addict at the company convention, if you are engaging in inappropriate behavior in front of the organization, I promise you, it’s going to be an organization killer. No one’s going to follow you if you engage in that behavior.

Number 4: hogging the stage. Saying, “Well, you know what? I’m so good at this that I need to be the one that’s doing all of the presentations. It’s a deadly sin because our goal is to learn it, number 1, teach it, number 2, teach people to teach it, number 3. If you’re on the stage all the time, that means you’re not developing leaders. If you don’t develop leaders, that means you don’t have duplication. You don’t really have residual income. You just have a different kind of job than you had before. Hogging the stage, #9.

Number 5, which I call the success coma. The success coma. Here’s what that is, because I’ve been in it several times in my career. You have a certain level of success, you get to a certain rank, and you go into this kind of a coma. What do I mean by coma? You’re still going to the meetings, you’re going through the motions, but you’re kind of like a zombie. You’re not passionate anymore, you’ve lost the drive, you’ve lost the push, you’re not really recruiting. You’re telling people to recruit. You’re not really building. You’re telling people to build. You’re still there, you’re still going through, you’re still saying all the right things. You’re just not leading anymore. You’re coasting. You’re reeling in a success coma and you need to snap out of it. Once you snap out of it, you’re going to go, “Oh my gosh, I can’t believe I was in that success coma for that long. Wow, the time that I wasted.”

Let me recap all 5. #1: stealing somebody else’s distributor. #2: sleeping around in your company. #3: the public drunk or the addict or engaging in inappropriate behavior. #4: hogging the stage. #5: the success coma.

After 25 plus years in this profession, I’ve seen all of these things. I’ve seen what they do to organizations. What I would tell you more than anything else, just look for these, see if any of them struck a nerve. If any of them struck a nerve for you, use that to be able to create a better game plan for the next year. Use that to say, “Okay, I’m going to get away from that bad habit and I’m going to engage in this new, good habit. I’m going to replace that bad habit with a good habit. I’m going to change. I’m going to get better. I’m going to make this next year my best year of my life.”

I hope that’s been valuable to you. Ladies and gentlemen, my wish for all of you is that you decide to become a network marketing professional, you decide to go pro, because it is a stone cold fact that we have a better way. Now let’s go tell the world. Everybody have a great day and I’ll see you tomorrow. Take care.

Find Your Freedom

Starting a business is one of the easiest and trickiest things at the same time. This is because a business is more of risk taking, if one has not fully considered the implications; chances are he or she is likely to lose in the initial stages. This is why its important to consider some factors before starting on any kind of business.  Before anything else, one thing that any potential businessman needs is to have an inspiration that drives him or her to a certain business. For instance, everyone has to start with an idea. Consider my friend Jason Fladlien, he had an idea for a software to help him make money online, and now he is a multi-millionaire. Not only that, but he has helped many other people achieve the dream of starting their own business as well. His latest software, FB Echo is the perfect example. This is usually the fundamental step before everything else is done.  When this has been done, one also needs to strike a balance with some sense of reality. The potential businessman has to gauge himself and see whether he or she is ready enough to start the business.  If necessary, he has to see how much he is prepared for this form of business.

There are things that a small business has to fulfill in order to be seen as successful. In the first case, this form of business should be ready to solve a particular problem.  It should also be able to fulfill a certain need or in this case fulfill exactly what is needed at that time. If you need help deciding on a business consider speaking with an Executive Business Coach.

There are fundamental factors that an entrepreneur needs to consider before anything else is done. For instance, he has to see whether the products or services are the needed requirement as at that time.  He also has to evaluate the targeted group, for instance its useless to initiate a barber shop next to a ladies hostel because it wont serve well the needs of that particular locality.  Though many people overlook this factor, its one of the most important things to consider- the competitors.  One has to consider how many companies are offering the same products and services, this will also help to know how the business will be like if he were to start his own.

Making a business plan is what transforms a business idea into reality.  This is also a key requirement for those who are seeking for financial support in order to start the business.  Apart from this, a clear business plan will always give fuller picture on what one intends to achieve and how everything will be planned.  For one to have enough freedom before staring a small business, it’s better to plan on the finances. Though not much capital is needed, the initial investment is really necessary as this is the driving force as well as the security. When one has stability from the foundation stage, chances are everything will be successful on the way up.