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In today’s current times, writing improves with time. At the start of website creation, writing grew and produced different forms and styles. Conventional writing gave way to website writing.

If you want to your words to be a  hit, you have to have these internet writing fundamentals:

1. Readability. Tolerance – that’s what most visitors do not possess. Thus, you have to instantly give them the information they were looking for. Making sure that your font size and color will add to its readability.

2. Significance. Your content must be related to your site’s goal. Or, the content should not be there. To determine whether it is appropriate, ask yourself if it is related to the subject or the website’s theme. Is it important to your objective? If it is then, do not forget to incorporate it.

3. Error-free. Writing errors and descriptive errors can be ruinous. They can destroy the visitor’s reading adventure or worse, destroy the site’s trustworthiness. Furthermore, you have to read, read, edit and edit more.

4. Scanability. Scanning is another big problem because online readers favor scanning. To make it clearer for them, insert bullets, numbering, and letters to create an outlined look. Use regular paragraph breaks to make the eyes rest at every opportunity. Subtopics can also be used for consolidation of ideas.

5. Character. Every home page must be differentiated from all other. It must radiate a personality that gives the reader the chance to get to know you or your company.

6. Composition with the web design. The subject and the website design must be in agreement with each other. This obligation lies on both the designer and the writer. They should work jointly together to accomplish the goal of the site.

7. Consistency. The tone, terms, and style must be consistent everywhere on every web page. Disparities confuse and disorient the reader.

What is Internet Marketing 101

Internet Marketing describes the promotion of commerce or business methods through the Internet.

This is basically the way in which services or products are sold and promoted over the Internet. Internet marketing, also called web marketing, on-line marketing and advertising and even “i” or “e” – Marketing – uses the Internet to deliver all sorts of goods to some global and also local industry.

The relatively low cost to distributed info to the international audience makes it very unique compared to the marketing of the past.The dynamic nature on the Word wide web has forced the evolution of its online marketing strategies to consist of specialist capabilities to deal with an immediate resolution as well as eliciting answers now present with this method of marketing.

A system must be incorporated into your online marketing program to accommodate this instant reply. The word or phrase digital marketing is additionally inclusive of the post-sale connection including a business and its customer since it consists of digital consumer data administration and digital customer relations. It’s broadly used in the industry world nowadays and recognized to as ECRM – Electronic Customer Relationship Management. E-mail, and wireless media, this will make the scope bigger because it refers back to the on-going relationship based on the web.

Online marketing ties with each other the technical and creative aspects of the Internet including branding, advertising, design and promotion, as well as sales.



Internet Marketing For Local Business Success

As business owners, it’s becoming harder to compete against other companies with local internet marketing in your area. It’s becoming more and more difficult to get your marketing message out in front of interested prospects. In fact, many small business owners find their company struggling so much that they have no choice but to close up shop because they cannot survive.

Are you one of these small business owners?

There’s good news. You do not have to go out of business if you bring your company into the 21st century.
What we mean is that you have to start building your brand and marketing your products and services over the Internet. It’s not as difficult as it seems, although it does take years of experience in order to tap into the full potential of the Internet and what it can do to help grow your company. With that in mind, small business owners need to begin capitalizing on search engine optimization. They need to take advantage of the search engines and all of the wonderful traffic and potential customers that it has to offer.

We’d like to help you accomplish this very goal. We would like to put a plan together on your behalf so that your company can maximize its efforts and potential on the Internet.

Here’s how we can help you improve your bottom line through SEO and other online marketing methods…
Finding Your Ideal Customers
Your ideal customers are on the Internet each and every day. But how do you find them? That’s where so many small businesses go wrong.
Simply put, they are going to find you! That’s why life is so much easier when you take advantage of search engine optimization and what the Internet has to offer.
Instead of going crazy while attempting to advertise and spend massive amounts of money on every potential marketing method out there today, when you focus on search engine optimization you are focusing on finding customers that are already looking for you.

Case in point, if you own a plumbing service in the Seattle area and you’re looking for more business, wouldn’t it be nice to go to your favorite search engine, type in the keyword phrase “Seattle plumbers” and find your company at the top of the page? Having your name at the top of the list would deliver a massive amount of new, potential prospects into your sales funnel. This is the dream that so many people aspire to achieve. We can help make this happen. It all comes down to research. We know how to find the phrases that your ideal customers search the most. We know how to put your company at the top of Google’s list (other search engines too) so that customers find you, and not the other way around. How does that sound? Do you think you’d have an easier time succeeding if customers were finding you instead of you chasing them? That’s why the Internet is so powerful, and it’s the reason why your business is going to prosper and experience enormous success once we begin working together.

How to Connect with Your Customers
There are a number of ways that you can connect with your customers through the Internet. Setting up a blog that you update regularly is one phenomenal piece of the puzzle. It’s one of the ideal ways to have regular content ranking in the search engines so that customers can find you.
But there are other methods as well…

Video marketing is the wave of the future. It’s a fantastic way for customers to get to see behind the curtain of your company. It allows them to meet the people behind your business on a personal level, and get to know all of you much better. Customers love to learn more about the people running the businesses that they support. They want to know them on a personal level. They want to support like-minded people, and this is a way to get to know you much better. Social media is another fantastic way to connect with customers. Many people feel that it’s too time-consuming, but if you set up a schedule it only takes a few minutes a day.
All in all, the Internet is the best marketing channel ever. There’s no doubt about it. Are you ready to tap into its amazing potential?

What Is Organic SEO?

Are you a small business owner looking to take advantage of the ability to market on the Internet? When researching this topic, you may have stumbled across the phrase “organic search engine ranking” and wondered what it’s all about. In a nutshell, its how some marketers and small business owners naturally get their websites and other web properties to rank highly in the search engines. It’s quickly becoming the best way to market your business online.

But it isn’t a simple process. A lot goes into achieving high ranking Organic Listings. If you’ve never marketed online before, and have no idea how to apply search engine optimization strategies, then you’ll have a difficult time implementing the necessary steps in order to make SEO a viable strategy for your company. All hope is not lost. We have mastered SEO and are real experts in this field. We can help you achieve organic listings. We can use our effective techniques to help you rank highly in the search engines for the most coveted keyword phrases in your niche. Let’s now take a look at some of the major benefits of Organic SEO listings and dominating the search engines…

Organic Search Engine Listings Deliver Targeted Traffic to Your Web Properties

Customers are the lifeblood of every business. If your company is ever going to achieve true, lasting success, you need to have new prospects coming into the fold on a regular basis. This is especially true if you sell the kind of product or service that people will only need once. You’ll have an extremely difficult time surviving if you cannot find new customers.

But don’t worry, because Organic Search Engine Listings can come to the rescue! We can help you determine the keyword phrases being searched the most in your niche. We can help you rank highly for these phrases so that customers find you. We want you to connect with people that are already looking for the products and services that you have to offer. That’s why the search engines are so valuable for business owners. It helps them connect with people already looking for the things that they have to offer.

Organic Listings Provide Much-Needed Business Branding Exposure
Every business is different. You may own and operate a company that sells very large, very expensive products and services. It would be extremely rare if someone were to find your company online, click an order button and pay the kind of money that it takes to do business with your company. As an example, let’s say you own a company that sells printing equipment. There are plenty of potential customers searching for your products on the Internet. But the odds of somebody actually ordering one of your five-figure pieces of printing equipment online are slim to none. That doesn’t mean the Internet shouldn’t play a crucial role in the way you market your products and services. Customers need to find you. They need to know that you exist. I used to work at a company as the Internet Department Manager and 90% of my clients said they would never have done business with us, without having found us on the internet.

On the other hand maybe you run a small local business. We are seeing a dramatic rise in business’s foot traffic by ranking well for the Google Maps Listings, and especially for users of mobile devices. More and more people pull out their smart phone and type in whatever they are looking for, dry cleaner, Thai restaurant, etc, and whoever shows up as the #1 listing on the map get’s the business!

You can also use the Internet to brand your business, showcase your products, services and other main features about your company. You can use the Internet to set up meetings with potential prospects so that you can sell your valuable products and services in person.The sky’s the limit when it comes to Organic SEO and using the Internet to get out in front of the best potential customers in your niche.

Give us a call at (206) 569-0827 if you’re ready to get started, or if you still have questions. We are here to help.

Reputation Management Services

How do you bolster your brand? Every business has a brand, an identity to establish and protect — a name that defines its value and purpose. For online businesses, having business websites is only the first step towards effective online reputation management, the online counterpart of branding. 5 star reviews in websites like Yelp, Citysearch, and Zagat contribute to building a brand, but properly establishing and maintaining a positive reputation is more than that.

You need reputation management for your business. Search optimization, paid ads, and the rest of your marketing fronts combined mean little if they do not bolster your brand. You need business reputation management because:

1. Your Online Reputation is Complicated

Your reputation is more than just an accumulation of reviews and comments on the local Citysearch pages or the stars Yelp users give you. It’s more than just the number of Facebook fans or Twitter followers you have, and how many “likes” or “+1s” your business has under its name. Your reputation even encompasses social media buzz (via mentions and discussions) focused around your brand, and that in and of itself is a very complex field.

But beyond being complex, social media is also very powerful. The reviews you receive on Yelp help potential customers decide if they should avail of your products or services, and 90% of customers research online about a company before doing business with them. Social validation in the form of reviews and recommendations heavily influence the buying decision of people, especially if the recommendations come from people close to them, i.e. people in the first degree of their social graph, such as their closest friends and relatives. Your reputation on the Internet is more than just your website, but your reviews, your social buzz, your images, your geo-local information on external websites like Citysearch (even websites where people other than you post information about your company), your mentions in blog posts and other media, and more.

You need to focus on growing your business — this means you need a partner to handle monitoring, managing, and boosting your reputation online.

2. Online Reputation Integrates into Your Other Efforts

What’s more, your reputation and brand image is not a stationary metric or an isolated measure of your business’ reach. Your brand image effectively ties in with your other efforts and vice versa. Indeed, your marketing ventures should always endeavor to brand your business — introduce and establish your identity as a reliable and trustworthy entity.

This is what reputation management does. It leverages everything about your business that can be found online — both good and bad — to polish your image. A positive business image helps other marketing efforts, and the marketing efforts in turn help further the goal of branding. A positive image that integrates into your advertising efforts helps through:

• Making paid ads more appealing — An ad from a trusted name inevitably receives more clicks
• Creating instant association — A well-known brand is instant affirmation of product quality
• Associating the business with a brand persona — Well developed brands present their businesses through specific personas, like the father or mother figure, the athletic guru, or the best friend; people who see such brands on listings like Yelp, Zagat, or Citysearch immediately make that connection with just a glimpse of the logo

Those are just a few advantages of a positive brand image. Online reputation management makes all this possible, combining facets like 5 star reviews and social media comments into a whole greater than the sum of its individual parts.

But Really, How Much is a Good Brand Worth?

But is a brand really worth that much? Is it worth the effort focusing on social networks, websites like Citysearch and Yelp, and gathering feedback? Think of it this way: which brand do you think of first when you want cola? How about when you want to search online? If your first thoughts were Coca-Cola and Google, then you know these companies have done their branding very well.

McDonald’s — the name alone — is worth over $20 billion. Levis is worth $50 billion. These companies spent years producing great products and building their brand. Your business, however, won’t have to spend years if you can harness the power of reputation management. With proper reputation management, even negative reviews on Yelp and comments from Citysearch can be turned into a golden opportunity for more branding. Customers who gave negative feedback at first are eager to share if the company involved made things right for them. It’s the magic of active engagement and reputation management.

Local business listings and similar websites like Zagat, Citysearch, and Yelp are good places to start. Beyond that, Social networking accounts — especially those that tie into listings like Google+ Local — are also valuable. These aspects combined with your presence in search and your business website make up your reputation.

You need online reputation management because your brand image is much more complicated than handling a Yelp account. You need it because the 5 star reviews you get on Citysearch won’t matter much if you can’t integrate them into your other efforts. You need it because, even if you can handle social media sites and listings like Yelp and Citysearch on your own, you need a partner to establish, maintain, and grow a brand image successfully.

You shouldn’t handle all of this on your own — you should be busy developing your business. With an effective online reputation management partner, you can focus on growing your business and making the most out of the traffic and leads that your successful brand image will undoubtedly bring.

Internet Marketing 101

The internet is every business’s best tool for marketing, although it is not the only one. An important caveat for business owners is not to rely too much on the internet, especially if their skills in this area are limited. If this is the case, they might benefit from hiring someone to run internet marketing either as a department in their company or externally.

Business MeetingOutsourcing

This note on outsourcing merely acknowledges what is already happening in many firms. Business owners and managers are sending out certain types of work to companies which handle those tasks only. Existing employees handle the jobs they were hired for, leaving work like SEO writing, advertising, and document management to external firms. This saves companies a lot of money.

Using SEO services

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. In other words, your firm is trying to enhance its presence on the internet by improving its status during internet searches by potential customers.

A search engine optimization specialist knows how to do this efficiently while remaining within your advertising budget. You might be a dab hand at writing, but not understand what keyword targeted writing looks like.

You’d then hire an SEO firm to research your company, looking for key themes in your products and services. They are not trying to win you the largest audience but the one most likely to consist of paying customers, not just curiosity seekers.

Making it Work

As a result of blogs, articles on related sites, and social media, SEO attracts a niche clientele to your name. Niche clients look for specific products and services. Their specifics could include prices, colors, hours, or may be location specific.

A search engine marketing expert understands what people type into the computer as they look for companies. Consumers do no write out full sentences. Instead, they type in the basics: London Solar Electrical Expert, Tampa Bay Boutique Hotels, or All-Terrain Running Shoes Cheyenne.

SEO writing appears on catalogue pages and in other advertising material, some of it on your site. If you write (or hire someone to write) short articles about something you sell, this professional will also include search engine optimization phrases and key words. They should be exactly as you specify or whatever their research turns up.

LinksLink Up

Now that you are fully online, make connections. Find people whose services complement yours and exchange links. They advertise your product on their page; you do the same for them. This is a way to get attention without relying on search engines and key words.

Knowing it Works

How do you know if your internet marketing strategy is working?

So many people just browse the net and never buy. Lots look for ideas, while others comparison shop. Your store does not get chosen. But some people do stop and look at what you have to offer and there are clients asking for goods. Which ones came from your new internet strategies?

Well, what were your figures prior to this campaign? How long have you given your team of advertising executives (internal or external) to improve your results? Give them a few months at least, especially if consumers save and plan to buy your sorts of products.

When that time is up, you should notice a significant increase in sales; at least as big an increase as you spent, but probably more. If this is not the case, either switch to a new service provider or scratch the plan. Maybe your clients like old-fashioned paper advertising.


By Tony Husted

Before Hiring For Search Engine Optimization

Before hiring an SEO company, you have to know a few basic things about Search Engine Optimization and how it can affect your business. “Can” is the operative word here because SEO might not make a whacking pile of difference in your world.

Do you even need it?

Talk to a few companies and see what they can offer. You might be surprised at how many know very little about the whole business.

Businessman With LaptopUnderstanding SEO

SEO is a fancy acronym for “getting people to notice you on the internet.” Since most people start researching a product from this resource, you have to be savvy about how the internet works.

Just think for a second about how you search for products other people sell.

First, you have a product or service you want. To this you add specifics, like color, size, shape, perks etc.

You add these and maybe a location so you can go into a business without driving a hundred miles, or order shipping that is not as expensive as the product itself.

The more specific you are, the more relevant (and manageable) your results will be. This works well for businesses too, especially the ones that have a handle on the concept of SEO. They make sure their text includes those specific words and phrases. They also check the internet for duplicate content and get rid of it so search engines didn’t overlook them.

Knowing Who Has Your Back

Some companies sell services but seem not to understand it. Not really. They have the basic idea, and they have been hired to the tune of hundreds of dollars by customers before now. Those turned out to be unsatisfied if not downright irate customers who saw little or no return on their investments.

How did this happen?

Well, you know your own business, not how to raise in the search engines. Here is what a Seattle SEO firm should do to win your trust.

First, representatives should explain what was mentioned above in even greater detail. They should also be honest: maybe your book binding firm is so specialized that no one needs to find you on the internet. They ask around and find out who you are the old-fashioned way: word of mouth.

It is tempting to take people’s money and make promises about growing business. You might even succeed, but not to the extent that 100% more business even pays for the costs.


An SEO company should prove that it understands the pertinent keywords which will draw customers. They should have performed their own searches, scoured your business profile, and come up with some ideas that convince you.

Even let them show you what comes up when they punch in those words. If it is specific and does not lead consumers to totally unrelated fields, you are potentially on a winner. Some searches make sense until you try them. Next thing you are finding shoe horns instead of shoes; car mufflers instead of scarves.

Make the company do the work. This is how they prove their worth and earn your business, competing with countless other similar businesses in Seattle.