Growth Hacking

Knowing The Importance of  Growth Hacking vs Digital Marketing

When it comes to digital marketing, there is just so much that you can do. Each brand takes up a different approach to achieve its goal of creating a presence for itself in the digital world. How many times have we heard of terms like ‘online marketing’, ‘digital marketing’, and ‘growth hacking’ in reference to this context? It has been done so often that we often end up mixing all these terminologies. Each one these terms feels to be the same as the other. These fields already don’t have many profound differences to elaborate on and the excessive use of these terms is further eradicating these differences in people’s minds.

Online Marketing VS Growth Hacker

When you come to think of it, online marketing is not the same as growth hacking. They differ a lot in their approach and even the way they work. Given below are few of the contrasts that will help you understand the differences between these two fields.

  • The first intricate difference between the two is that, while online marketing only focuses on marketing your business or product in order to get potential customers to visit your website/landing page, a growth hacker tends to emphasize on keeping them interested and make them stick around.
  • With online marketing it is not aware of the details of your website. It tends to focus on one or two key points to try and reel in customers for you, however due to the nature of growing without a budget, they are aware of all the minute key feature of your website. They try and market all these features in a way that it keeps the visitor interested in further exploring your website. Who knows the longer they stick around the more inclined they would be in proceeding their business with you.
  • Online marketing is only limited to marketing your website. You provide them main highlights of your website and they try and picture them in a way to attract customers. On the other hand, growth hackers are not only limited to the marketing world. They can fit in at any aspect of the development of your website. They are all over the place and can help you plan and develop a website in a way that it will attract customers. This way your website becomes more marketable and attracts more customers because the growth hackers make sure your website has all the important hip features that are hot in the market.

Whether it is online marketing or growing on a shoestring the primary job is the same, to attract more customers to your website. It is just the way that each carries out their job that they differ. When we know what each type of job does and we know what it is that our website needs to attract more customers only, then can we properly decide which sort of marketing we want to go with. If online marketing is not working for you, then give GH a try and see if it improves your business.