Local Search Engine Optimization

What Is Local Search Engine Optimization?

SEO stands for search engine optimization. You might have seen it in reference to internet activities and wondered what it meant, and now you know, or do you? And how is local optimization different from Ranking in general?

GoogleOptimizing Internet Searches

Consumers browsing the web type in details they are looking for. They tend to use certain phrases combined to garner a specific list from their search engine provider.

By choosing particular words, arranging them in a certain way, or leaving out words, they can enlarge or narrow the list of references they bring up.

You want your business to be one of the businesses that surface in that search. Whether you sell socks or soap, Digital Marketing affects you.

Making it Work for You

So, how does it work for your company?

What do you have to do to be one of the firms listed during a search?

Your website should not just be a catalog:  write something. When you write (or hire someone to write for you), make sure the words match phrases consumers would use when searching for products like yours. Do not try to be fancy, just specific. If you sell something for women, mention that. If you sell bulk items, state as much.

Another idea is to make your searches local. In other words, appeal to a relatively small audience: your city, for instance. This does not mean foreign customers or people from across the country never find you, but it does affect the way searches work.

People in a particular city (Vancouver, Tacoma, Seattle) punch the city into their search for children’s furniture or natural rocks for landscaping. They want to support their local business and keep shipping costs down. By mentioning the city where you are situated somewhere on your site, your strategy leads a search engine to your product.

This works for you and for a lot of other businesses on the internet too. How are you going to beat the competition? Some blogs suggest encouraging customer reviews, promoting them on the web, and even citing them in advertising.

If you have earned high reviews, make this clear when you market your product. Yours could be the highest-rated logistics service or moving company in Bellevue. Your product might be the most popular in its niche within a 200 mile radius as far as research shows.

Niche Marketing

Being local already creates a niche for your marketing, but you can go further. Advertise your products on niche sites created to promote businesses like yours.