Seattle SEO Agency Services

There are basically two types of Optimization techniques that our Services uses to make your site more visible

— on-page and off-page services. The main initial component for search engine optimization on any site is on-page structure.

This entails techniques and considerations that work on the website directly such as keyword optimization, content writing, interlinking, and user experience. On the other hand, off-page services include various strategies that relate to your site but are not found on the actual website. Here are three strategies that can be implemented, that when done correctly, will help a site and its rankings.


This is a nice platform to help boost your rankings. Numerous blog platforms are also within the category of Web 2.0 properties, which are generally useful platforms to use. Blogs are also advantageous because they are free — you only provide the content.

However, being free does not mean that you sit back and wait for magic to happen because you have to put in a lot of effort to drive traffic to the blog, and create captivating, valuable content to keep readers interested.

Good, captivating quality content will be the first step towards making your blog work for you. Delivering content that matches what people search for, in other words, such that it is in line with the keywords is also important.

Social Networking

Every entrepreneurs dream is to access a large number of potential customers in one place. With this said, social networking gives you just that. With millions of users visiting sites like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and more, you have the ability to market your products to a potentially vast audience. Once again, you want to deliver valuable, interesting content, the definition of which will of course depend on what your area of expertise is.

Article Submission

It is hard for you to get the necessary attention when your site has a low PR. Thankfully, there are sites that have already established a good PR and are respected in their niches. These sites allow you to submit your articles to their directory. The only catch is that you need to provide content that is useful and of high quality. You should place a link in the article that redirects the reader to the website where you are showcasing your products and services.

When combined with on-page SEO, all the aforementioned strategies will help, when once again, they are done properly. At this point, this point of quality control may sound repetitive and redundant, though each detail makes a difference, and poor quality spammy stuff on the internet will lose rankings in the search engines.

If this all sounds confusing, these are the types of search engine optimization services offered when you hire a company to do your search engine marketing for you, or with you.