Return On Investment

A Closer Look At Our 90 day Internet Marketing ROI

Internet marketing and SEO is often touted as essential for online success. This is definitely true, but many businesses struggle to see a healthy ROI on their investment in internet marketing. This is quite unfortunate, and is usually because they chose a SEO company that didn’t have the sophisticated techniques and tools that Seattle SEO Pros use to help their rankings increase. So, we will now quickly take a look at what you should expect when investing in internet marketing.

If you have a website that was once ranking and then was penalized by the Google penguin or panda, then a good internet marketing company should be able to reverse that penalty. Most penalties are reversible and once it is undone, your traffic and customers should return. However, in the event that your website is too badly penalized to recover, then the IM company would advise you to create a new website, which they will then rank. Once it is ranked, they will ensure that it doesn’t become penalized again and you can enjoy a very healthy ROI for a long time to come.

Another way that you will see internet marketing working for you is when you invest in backlinks. Backlinks are essential for SEO and the quality of the links are even more important. This means that you should definitely use high quality PBBNs that have good authority and trust. This authority will then be passed onto your site which will cause your rankings to rise over time. Once your rankings rise, you will get more traffic, which will result in more customers and a higher ROI.

In conclusion, internet marketing is highly valuable once it is done right. It can provide a very generous ROI, however, in order to get these benefits, you must invest in hiring a top notch internet marketing company to do your SEO for you.